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  • What is the trading policy of bond investment at Taifook Securities ?

    A bond transaction can be initiated with at least 30% of transaction funds in the securities account at the trade date. The remaining 70% of funds must be deposited on or before the settlement day. The settlement date is usually the third trading day after the trade date, i.e. T+3 days.

  • What are the fees and minimum investment for starting bond investment at Taifook Securities ?

    The minimum nominal investment amount for bond is USD$100,000 face value or equivalent.

  • Do investors receive interest payments from investing in bond ?

    Bondholders will receive interest payments at a pre-specified coupon rate. Taifook Securities will collect the coupon and credit the payment directly to your account with coupon collection fee.

  • What should I do upon bond maturity ?

    If you hold the bond until maturity, you will be able to receive the interest coupon(if any) plus principal. Taifook Securities will collect and deposit the relevant amount to your account in full with coupon collection fee.

  • What currency do we use in bond investment ?

    Bond trading can be carried out in major world currencies. Taifook Securities can arrange free foreign exchange service at the same time.

  • Do I receive any account statements for bond investment ?

    Bond transactions are recorded in your securities account daily and monthly statements. With Taifook's e-Statement, you will be able to receive your account statements by email and oversee account transactions at anytime.

    Note : Changes or amendments of the information might be made at any time without prior notice.

    The price of bonds can and does fluctuate, and any individual bond may experience upward or downward movements. There is an inherent risk that losses may be incurred rather than profit made as a result of buying and selling bonds. The holder of bonds bears the credit risk of the issuer and has no recourse to Taifook Securities Group Limited and its subsidiaries.

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