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China B Trading Particulars  |  Fees & Charges

China B Trading Particulars

With the B Shares trading service of Taifook Securities, you can invest in Shenzhen or Shanghai B shares with just one single securities account.

Trading and Settlement Particulars
Trading Hours Monday to Friday : 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. & 1:00 p.m.- 3 p.m.
(Except from Chinese public holidays)
Settlement Day Settlement day for China B Shares is the third business day after transaction day (T+3)
Particulars on Settlement of Shanghai B Shares
  • Denominated in US dollars
  • Settlement for bought transactions: The available funds in HK dollars in securities account will be converted to US dollars on settlement day.
  • Settlement for sold transactions: Please contact our customer service officers or branch officers should you opt to convert your balance to HK dollars. The exchange rate will be calculated according to the prevailing rate on the date of instructions made.
  • You will be required to bear the cost of TT should you opt to withdraw the cash in US dollars from your securities account.
Particulars on Settlement of Shenzhen B Shares
  • Denominated in HK dollars
  • The settlement procedures for Shenzhen B shares are the same as those for local securities.
Particulars on Trading of B Shares
  • If you have your own investor code for settlement of China B shares, please specify upon bought instructions.
  • For price enquiries, please contact your account executive.
Holiday Table
New Year's Day 01-01-2010 Lunar New Year 15-02-2010
Lunar New Year 16-02-2010 Lunar New Year 17-02-2010
Lunar New Year 18-02-2010 Lunar New Year 19-02-2010
Tomb-Sweeping Day 05-04-2010 Labour Day 03-05-2010
Dragon Boat Festival 14-06-2010 Dragon Boat Festival 15-06-2010
Dragon Boat Festival 16-06-2010 Mid-Autumn Day 22-09-2010
Mid-Autumn Day 23-09-2010 Mid-Autumn Day 24-09-2010
National Day 01-10-2010 National Day 04-10-2010
National Day 05-10-2010 National Day 06-10-2010
National Day 07-10-2010

** According to the trading regulation of Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, short selling of B shares is not permitted. Based on this principle, day trading of B shares (Buying and then selling B shares on the same day) will also constituted as an offence to the said regulation. Fine will be imposed to client who contravenes the said regulation by the corresponding exchanges, and our company will collect the corresponding amount of fine from client's account imposed by China Securities Depository & Clearing Corporation Limited.

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