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Capital Investment Entrant Scheme

Launched by the Hong Kong Special Administration Region ("HKSAR") Government in October 2003, the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme ("CIES" or the "Scheme") facilitates the entry of eligible foreign nationals into Hong Kong as ordinary residents. With Taifook's professional CIES service, eligible foreign nationals can enjoy the benefit of comprehensive CIES investment account service, bringing you one step closer to becoming a Hong Kong permanent resident.

Taifook CIES Service Package

We offer one-stop investment service for CIES applicants who have already obtained approval in principle. Service package includes:

  • Assistance in the preparation of CIES application

  • Account Executive Team - Offer personal CIES Cash Securities Account for trading the following permissible investment asset classes:

    • Listed equities on HK Stock Exchange and traded in HKD
    • Debt securities denominated in HKD

  • Taifook Asset Management - Offer Discretionary Portfolio Management Account for trading the following permissible investment asset classes:

    • Eligible collective investment schemes, including the "Taifook Middle Kingdom Fund"
    • Discretionary Portfolio Management Plan

  • Provide professional advice to assist you in managing your financial assets according to the Scheme

  • Dedicated professionals to watch over your account activities

  • Issue consolidated account statements for better asset management

  • Submit reports to the Immigration Department on your behalf

Program Eligibility

  • Foreign nationals (except nationals of Afghanistan, Albania, Cuba, and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea)

  • Chinese nationals who have obtained permanent resident status in a foreign country

  • Macau SAR residents

  • Taiwan residents

  • Stateless persons with permanent resident status in a foreign country

Investment Requirement

  • Applicants must be aged 18 or above at the time of application

  • Have net assets of at least HK$10 million throughout the two years preceding the date of application

  • Have net assets of at least HK$10 million invested in permissible investment asset classes in Hong Kong within 6 months before submission of application or within 6 months after obtaining approval in principle

To find out more about Taifook's CIES service, please call our Customer Service hotline at (852) 3583 3388. For additional information on the Scheme details, please visit: http://www.immd.gov.hk/ehtml/hkvisas_13.htm

Note: No information published on the website constitutes a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any investment products. Investment involves risk. You should carefully consider whether any investment products or services mentioned herein are appropriate for you in view of your investment experience, objectives, financial resources and relevant circumstances. The price of investment products may move up or down. Losses may be incurred as well as profits made as a result of buying and selling investment products. The above services are provided by Taifook Securities Company Limited.

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