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Intelligent Stock Monitor

Intelligent Stock Monitor offers you a comprehensive online Hong Kong stocks database. You could get exclusive insights by manipulating different filtering and selection tools of this service.

Now, the service is upgraded with even more functions including: 10 Years historical profit and dividends data, business review and business outlook, short selling and IPO summary. Other functions that provides you with comprehensive data for detailed analysis, includes global financial and stocks markets, substantial transactions, turnover analysis, IPO, company changes etc...

  1. 10 Years historical profit and dividends data (NEW) - New version provides to 10 years data (upgraded from 5 years).
  2. Business review and business outlook (NEW) - Summarize past year as well as predicting coming year performances by analyzing annual reports.
  3. Short selling (NEW) - Look out for unusual trade patterns for buy, sell signals.
  4. IPO summary(NEW) - Provides detailed summary by sponsor. Other data includes IPO time and price as well as important information that are price sensitive such as sales suspension period
  5. Global financial and stocks markets - provides prices, index and trends for bonds, futures and stocks of major markets.
  6. Turnover analysis - provides data of markets of different financial products, integrated with other technology and fundamental data, that help customers to get substantial insights.
  7. Substantial transactions - activities such as stocks buy-back, high volume purchase etc... will be reported to help customers analyze the underlying potentials of the stocks.
  8. Company Profile - provides detail reports for financial performance of the companies.
  9. Company changes - all activities held within the companies will be reported.

Simple Stock Selection Tactics
*Monthly subscription fee: HK$125 (1,250 Wealth Points). Apply now and enjoy all the benefits of using Intelligent Stock Monitor.

For enquiry, please contact 3583 3388.

*Effective from 1 July 2008

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