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Staff Options Financing Service

Taifook's one-stop Staff Option Financing Service can help you or your staffs to exercise company granted share options in no time, hassle-free.

Hassle-free Process

Simply bring along your identification document, address proof, and Options Certificates or a Company letter indicating your option shares entitlement to one of our branches or the Central office to open a Margin Securities account.

We will then set up a tailor-made financing plan for you to exercise your granted option shares. Shares will then be deposited into your securities account for your easy deposal anytime you wish via our various trading channels:

  • Online
  • Broker
  • Branch
  • IVRS (interactive voice response system)
  • Mobile phone
  • MangoCombo (wireless stock trading device)
  • Mobile Trading

Financial Terms

Margin Requirement Negotiable
Interest Rate Same as the stock margin rate under normal circumstances
Handling Fee 0.5% of total loan amount (minimum HK$1,000)

Fees and Charges

Local Securities Trading Commission Fees
  • Cash/Margin Trading – 0.25% (Minimum HK$100)
  • Online Trading – 0.15% (Minimum HK$100, applicable to Hong Kong customers only)
  • Taifook’s Staff Option Financing Service also allows you to obtain extra funding from the exercised shares to capture additional investment opportunities. To learn more, please call our Customer Service hotline at (852) 3583 3388.

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