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Stock options

  1. Online stock option and online securities account are independent, hence funds would also be processed separately。

  2. To execute stock options orders, sufficient fund is required in the online stock options account, both for premium (long position) or margin requirement for short positions and related trading fees.

  3. When you deposit cash or transfer funds from other Taifook account to online stock options account. The balance will be reflected on the same day and will be available for order placing. If fund transfer was done using cheque, balance will only be shown when the cheque is processed.

  4. Maximum margin limit for short positions are preset to HKD$300,000. Please contact your account executive for adjustment.

  5. If clients would like to establish a covered call strategy ( buying an underlying stock and short a call position at the same time ), please deposit related stocks into online stock options account (02-xxxxxxx-40) as a collateral. You may contact your Account Executive for assistance.

  6. You will not be able to execute your stock options using Power Stock Options at the moment. For stock options execution, please contact your Account Executive.

  7. Securities trading actions from stock options execution will be done on T+2, in client securities offline account (02-xxxxxxx-22/00)。If you would like to executive using online account 02-xxxxxxx-30/33, please contact your account executive for special arrangements.

  8. If your short put position was being executed on T day, you will need to transfer enough funds into offline securities account on T+1 to make sure there are enough funds for transaction on T+2. If your long put position was executed on T day, please prepare stocks for settlement on T+2.

  9. If you have a long call position on T day, please transfer enough funds on T+1 into your offline securities account for settlement on T+2. If you have a short call position on T day, please prepare stocks for settlement on T+2.

  10. If your short position was being executed on T day, the underlying in securities account of relevant quantity will be used for settlement. The margin will be frozen until T+2 as buying power. Securities will be deducted from offline securities account (02-xxxxxxx-22/00) also on T+2。

  11. At the expiry date, the option will be exercised automatically if it is 1.5% in-the-money, HKEx will collect HK$2 as trading fee, all other options will be considered as out-of-money and expired.

  12. Stock options trading hours are from Monday to Friday, 10:00 am – 12:30 pm, 2:30pm – 4:00 pm. Except for public holidays

  13. Online stock options will not accept lock position orders.

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