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Taifook Power Stock Options

Power Stock Options is a free system for online stock option trading. It provides you with a one stop trading, quotation and order amendment platform. Make the best of it to help you in your investments today.

System Overview:

"Power Futures" and "Power Stock Options" uses the same software, which makes it easier for users to familiarize themselves with the system. After installation, a shortcut will be placed on your desktop for access to the software. Upon login, you will choose the profile [TAIFOOK STOCK OPTIONS] and enter the account number (02-xxxxxxx-40). Together with the password, you will be able to login to the system.

The main differences between "Power Futures" and "Power Stock Options" are shown on the below window

  1. Purchasing Power = Cash Balance + Credit Limit + Transaction Amount - Initial Margin

  2. Net Asset Value (NAV) = Cash Balance + Transaction Amount + Net Option Value(NOV)

  3. Transaction Amount = Executed price x Quantity x Lot Size of Underlying

    • Long (Short) positions will have negative (positive) transaction amount

    • Trade amount will be counted in the cash balance on next trading day, and then recalculated

    • If it is a buy/sell order only, order amount will not be counted in the transaction amount

    • Transaction amount will be released after close position

  4. Lockup Amt = Order Price x Quantity x Lot Size of Underlying

    • Lockup Amt will be counted only for buying orders

  5. Net Option Value = Market Price x Quantity x Lot Size of Underlying

    • Long(Short) positions will have positive(negative) net option value

  6. Covered = Covered Call Quantity

    • Will be shown at PowerStockOptions at the next trading day

Software Download

User Guide
System Features:

Power Stock options provides you with the below comprehensive functions:
  • Request quote
  • Real time price quotation
  • Efficient order placing
  • Featuring "Options Master" real time quotation system, providing information on Delta, Gamma, Theta and Vega
  • Detailed account trading records
  • Variety of order types
  • Click to order functions
How to apply:
  • Existing clients may contact your account executive for assistance
  • New clients will receive login and password in about 3 working days upon successful online stock options account opening
System Requirements:
  • 500Mhz CPU
  • Monitor: 1024x768
  • Win95、98 (128MB Ram)
  • Win2000、NT、XP (256MB Ram)
  • Connectivity: 56K or above

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