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Online US Stocks Trading Functions

1. Order Type

Market OrderOrder will be executed at best price
Limit OrderLimit order price is the highest price buy side willing to give or lowest price sell side willing to sell
Stop OrderOrder price in Stop Buy Order has to be higher than the last trading price (last trading price + 0.05), and vice versa, Sell Stop Order price has to be below the last trading price(last trading price - 0.05). Once the market hits the order price, the Stop Order will become a Market Order. Stop order will be filled once triggered, but there is no guarantee it will be the best price. Order will be triggered by Bid/Ask before market opens.
Stop Limit OrderThis is similar to Stop price. The difference is when it reached the trigger price, the order will be limit price instead of Stop price. This type of order may not necessarily be executed but may be executed at the best price.
AONAON orders will be executed in 1 go. Different from H shares, if order was not executed at predefined (or better )price, the order will be queued until executed or until market close of that same day.

2. Order Status

Cancelled- Order already cancelled
Open- Order sent to exchange, waiting to be executed
Executed- Order done
Rejected- Order rejected
Order requested- Order was stored in system, will be sent out when market opens
Cancel/ Replace pending- When users amend orders, system will first cancel the existing orders and then sent out new order. The status will then be changed to "Open"

3. Field explanations

1. Cash Account Balance- Done trades will be immediately reflected on the same day.
2. Stock Market Balance- Total value of stock on hand. System will calculate value based on real time value of each position.
3. Total Account Value- Sum of “Cash account balance” and “Stock Market Balance”
4. Today's Net Change- Net change amount by comparing the beginning account balance and beginning market value before market open.
5. Available Balance- Available balance for stock purchase
6. Hold Balance- Total amount locked up for pending buy orders, which is calculated by (Quantity x Order price + commission)

4. Real Time Quote


In order to bring our dear clients an effective and efficient platform to trade over the US Market, we proudly introduce X-Stream. X-Stream is a real time quotation system, which allows you to monitor up to 20 stocks at a time. It can be personalized by change each item and color. In addition, users can access real time charts, and analytical tools for free!

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